Bean Box • Collection
Bean Box • Collection
Bean Box • Collection

Bean Box • Collection

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1x Wakey Wakey (227g) ,1x Chit Chat (227g), 1x Easy Days (227g)

The perfect selection of wholebean coffee ready for you to grind and brew however you choose.

A range of different styles of wholebean- Wakey Wakey, Easy Days and Chit Chat will see you through the day and whether you grind fine for that morning espresso, or prefer a courser grind to use in your cafetiere with wholebean the choice is up to you!

Tasting Notes.

Wakey Wakey:


Easy Days:


Chit Chat:


A range of roast styles.

Experiment and try a varied level of roasts, with the light acidity of Easy Days, the dark, bold and deep smokey notes of Chit Chat or Indulge in the chocolatey cinnamony medium roast of Wakey Wakey.

3x Rare limited edition coffees to try.

Explore the seasonal harvests from 3 farms around the world. Spanning the coffee belt twice over the ultimate collection is your gateway to exceptional craft coffee.

Suitable for all coffee equipment.

Our coffee is designed for all methods of brewing, whether you're french pressing, espressoing, aeropressing or extracting our original craft coffee is for you.