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The coffee supply chain is long and complicated; full of people taking their cut of the farmer’s hard work. Paddy and Scott’s had a bold idea to cut out these middle-men and corporates; to shorten the distance between coffee grower and coffee drinker. In 2016 we took on our very own coffee farm in Meru, Kenya.

Working together with the Muchomba family we have created a unique project to revolutionise how coffee is traded and give more back to the families working hard to grow our coffee. It’s never been done before, but that’s never stopped us! In collaboration with the Muchomba family, the Meru Farm is now the second home of Paddy and Scott's. Here, not only do we grow some incredible coffee, but we are also investing in the farm infrastructure and working with local schools to ensure sustainable change for the coffee growing community,

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Why the farm?

Paddy & Scott's Coffee Farm In Kenya Where Jerry Can Coffee Is Produced

What have we done?

Who owns it?

Drink coffee direct from the farm and support the project by purchasing Jerry Can...

The drying tables.

Rugia Mixed Day Secondary School.

Fresh water storage tanks.

The Muchomba Family + Friends