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Fuelling Ambition.

It's what fuels us.

Our coffee is for the doers, the driven, the pioneers, the creators. This is for everyone who wakes up in the morning and gets to work; starts the grind. You get through the paperwork, you pull the all-nighter, you work till you crash because you know you can sleep when you're dead.

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Fuel Flask

Nice things people have said about us.

Just tried Paddy & Scott's coffee for the first time - absolutely incredible! The brew bags taste amazing, all the taste of a freshly ground coffee but with no hassle or clean up!

Kirsty Allen

Always had such positive experiences with Paddy & Scott’s, the quality of the coffee is exceptional. I love their culture and purpose too, they have a wonderful story.

Adam R

it feels like you're dealing with a member of the family. It's wonderful to support such a great British company making fantastic products. Keep it up Paddy and Scott!

Owain McKenzie

I bought the caffeinated brew bags. Absolute fantastic product easy to use and no mess plus after use the bags are bio degradable so break down nicely on your flower beds.

Jeremy Boulton

Paddy & Scotts is what honest coffee is all about. With them it’s all about individual experience, they give back to Kenya, where I believe most of their coffee beans originate.


Paddy and Scotts coffee is the only way i like to wake up in the morning. Fab taste and the smell is divine. Great service, seamless ordering - excellent brand 👍🏻

Rachel Hutchings

Our story.

How we source our coffee