The Ultimate Decaf • Collection

The Ultimate Decaf • Collection

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2x Cafe Decaf (227g), 31x Decaf Craft Coffee Brew bags, 1x Fuel Flask

For those who love a great tasting cup of coffee, but don't want the caffeine this is the perfect gift.

Cafe Decaf ground coffee.

Cafe Decaf: There’s something a little special about this decaf coffee: The caffeine is washed away using a process of slow mineral water extraction leaving behind all the delicious flavours a coffee should have. Aromatic, with hazelnut hints this angelic coffee definitely won’t disrupt your beauty sleep.

Tasting Notes.


31x Compostable Decaf Craft Coffee Brew bags. (Yeah, non of this * rubbish)
Our fully compostable Brew bags can be thrown in your compost and take the same time to break down as an apple core. Meaning your morning brew can help fertilise your flowers and help save the world. Not bad for a little bag of coffee eh?