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From our farm to your cup: It's our people that make Paddy & Scott's awesome! We're always on the lookout for ambitious, brilliant people. Drop us a line if you want your face to appear below. Here are just a few of our people

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Yep, that's his name on the wall...Passionate, proud, excitable. There are many ways to describe Scott but rest assured there's never a dull moment when he's around. Having sold his telecoms business in 2006 it was time to fulfil a long-held ambition to build a British coffee brand that could truly change the world....for the better! Dad of 4 boys, runner, cyclist, snowboarder and not a bad barista!



Jon is our brand and culture guru who was a lifelong tea drinker, until (in his own words) he "fell head over heels in love with our flat white". We plucked Jon from London, where he was working in tech and persuaded him that fuelling ambition was for him. He is a family man who is always on the go. An obsessive fitness fanatic; regularly spotted on a spin bike, lifting weights or doing both at the same time!


Operations Director

Zoe joined Paddy & Scott’s in 2014 and has gone to do every job in the company, working through the
ranks to become Operations Director in 2020. Zoe is an exceptional boss, netball champion and Tour de France enthusiast. Zoe beat Breast Cancer in 2020, navigating the pandemic from a hospital bed and has become a role model for our team.


Logistics - Kenya

Issac Muchomba is the son of George and makes things happen. His knowledge of the local coffee market is unrivalled having run the Kenyan Coffee Traders Association for 9 years. Responsible for the day to day management of the farm project. Issac serves as a member of the Board of Management at the Ruiga Secondary School, a proud family man, dad and all round great guy!


Head of Commercial

Joe joined Paddy & Scott's in 2022 and it's his job to fuel growth in all areas of the business. Having worked in sales and marketing across different sectors, Joe wanted to join Paddy & Scott's to work for a business that is a true game changer and make the world a better place through coffee. Outside of work Joe is a family man with two wonderful daughters, as well as being a keen cook and sportsman, with mixed levels of success at both!


Head of Sales

Shaun Has worked in Sales and in the Hospitality industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience across the industry. Responsible for driving the business forward and fuelling all ambitions. Outside of work going to the gym and watching his children play football takes up most of his time.

Jonathan Cole

Head of Retail Operations

Jonathan is a former Starbucks senior executive who was responsible for leading commercialisation, supply chain development and field operations in the UK, EMEA and MENA. Jonathan launched Starbucks in UAE and Italy and now joins Paddy & Scott’s to turbocharge our franchise offer.


Head of Data Insight

Chrissie is Paddy & Scott’s number crunching queen who can regularly be found counting coffee beans and adding accuracy to our world. Chrissie is a dog lover, keen cyclist and badminton enthusiast.


Head of The Farm - Kenya

George Muchomba is the Head Honcho and second generation coffee farmer. Having served as Chairman of the local Co-Operative for more than 20 years George has earned respect as an inspirational Community Leader driven to making the farm and the surrounding area a better place for everyone. He's one of the founders of the Ruiga Girls Secondary School, a proud family man, father and grandfather. A kind, gentle, man we're incredibly proud to be working with.


National Account Manager

Jessie is one of our brilliant National Account Managers looking after some of our coolest hotels, bars and restaurants around the UK. Jessie is well travelled, with her heart in Asia and a backpack for company, She has a passion for live music, the beach and a great coffee, so really is in the perfect role, loved by her customers, she has an uncanny understanding of what makes a great coffee venue and what drives sales. When she’s not Fuelling Ambition, you’ll find her running or doing yoga.


Head of Creative

Henry makes all of our products and digital content look and feel amazing! Henry’s expertise in beautiful branding, high converting videography, e-commerce photography and intelligent design is pretty useful. Henry runs Quench, a London based creative agency specialising in craft food and drink brands. Working with clients such as Conde Nast, Tullamore Dew and WeWork.Henry is a former winner of a BFI directors award and has produced videos that have been seen over 50 million times. His specialism is building high growth food and drink brands, developing e-commerce systems and creating holistic user/customer experiences.


Head of Coffee Excellence

Coffee Guru David is happiest when training baristas and sharing his passion for coffee! He's spent his career learning as much as possible; beginning as a barista and now specialising in training others. Always looking on the bright side and injecting fun into learning; David has yet to be seen without a smile on his face. When not at work David enjoys swimming, tennis and watching a film with his young family.


Coffee Guru

Chloe is our super bubbly, always happy, coffee guru. Arguably one of our most inspiring roles, who’s sole purpose in life (well, work-life) is to inspire our customers to make amazing coffee, teach best practice and spread the Paddy and Scott’s message of doing good. Once met you’ll never forget, Chloe is fastidious when it comes to making great coffee, teaching latte art and calibrating our espresso machines and grinders. Behind that angelic smile hides a road warrior who’s on a mission, she loves her cat….her name is Kitty, shes also pretty mean with a tamping iron. Be warned.


Head Mixologist & Brand Ambassador

Dan is our super-slick mixologist, in charge of recipe development. An accomplished flair bartender, Dan has a history of working with major brands including TGI Fridays and Gordon Ramsay Holdings. At home Dan is a keen chef, cooking up new recipes and growing his own botanicals. Presumably he spends a fair bit of time practicing his juggling skills too!


Customer Service

Our super-efficient coffee warrior is always on hand to ensure our wholesale customers get their coffee, on time, every time. You’ll always see Nicola sporting a smile at Ambition House, chasing deliveries, ensuring stock levels are kept and customers ambitions are fuelled. Originally from Essex, Nicola has many tales to tell of wild nights in Southend-on-Sea, Sangria and suntan cream! Our outdoors girl loves long walks musical theatre and swimming along the Suffolk coastline.


Operations Manager

Suffolk through and through, Amanda is a fountain of calm efficiency. Amanda heads up the engine room for Paddy & Scott's and is on hand to drive our brilliant customer service and support for customers. Amanda has a passion for floristry, family time and has a smile that lights up the room.

Ambition Bus (aka Ed)

Our 1974 VW Coffee Wagon

Available for events, shows and parties! He’s fully fitted with a stunning two group espresso machine and Espresso Martini bar for private events where you’re looking for something a little stronger. We can offer a fixed price or day hire including crew. He’s a grumpy old sod and doesn’t like travelling more than 60mph…unless by prior East Anglia delivery only. Contact us: