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Paddy & Scott's Coffee Farm In Kenya Where Jerry Can Coffee Is Produced

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Our own farm. The Muchomba Project - Kenya

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Don’t just take our word for it, what does the world think of our project?

In 2020 the ITC - International Trade Centre, a joint agency of the World Trade
Organisation and the United Nations commissioned a 48 page report: “Better returns for
East African coffee producers” which highlighted our findings of how little money East
African farmers actually receive for their crop. Having followed and investigated the
project for several months the Paddy & Scott’s Muchomba Farm was highlighted by the
ITC as:

“Trading coffee directly with the Muchomba family allows Paddy & Scott's to reduce the
supply chain and support the farm and local community directly.”

“The entrepreneurial genius in this example was associating consumers directly with the
source, inviting them to be partners, to be part of the story, to visit the farm and see first-
hand how their coffee is grown. The partnership has also financed the rehabilitation of a
local school, a benefit to the whole community”

“The company invests heavily in the Muchomba farm’s infrastructure and agronomy to
ensure that coffee is being used as a vehicle for social impact. Paddy & Scott’s are
committed to pay above market price for their crop and enjoy an agreement that
guarantees the coffee produced by George and his team will go to a good home”

“Paddy and Scotts pays the equivalent of $6/kg plus a premium. This is substantially
higher than the 2018/19 average main-grade price of $4.70/kg published by the Nairobi
Coffee Exchange”

Yeah, it would be cheaper and much easier for us to just sit on our backsides and pay an
accreditation organisation for a sticker to go on our bags. Then we could walk around
acting all sanctimonious, with that ‘aren’t we amazing swagger’...but we thought you
deserve better than that. In 2019 our founder and CEO was awarded an honorary
fellowship from the UOS for this ground breaking work in both the UK and Africa.

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