Coffee Shop Collection • Starter pack

Coffee Shop Collection • Starter pack

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You're keen to add some excitement to your lockdown life and thinking coffee could be the answer ✅ 

You drink loads of coffee, but are keen to mix it up and experiment 

But maybe you're not sure where to start...

The answer is right here. £22.50 gets you a box of our favourite coffees...

And makes you scream "WOW. What a bargain that is. I better click buy now before this deal ends" Like Tom or Nick the Greek (answers on a postcard please?) once said in Lock Stock (*clears throat to bring fourth gravelly cockney accent* "It's a deal, it's a steal, it's the sale of the f$$king century!" 4 bags of freshly ground coffee to include:

Jerry Can: From our own farm in Kenya - In our eyes, the finest coffee on earth.

Wakey Wakey: perfect for a morning boost.

Easy Days: Our Casual, laid back choice to enjoy curled up on the sofa.

Chit Chat: Our signature blend. Great to share when with friends. 

We're also throwing in a week's supply of our craft coffee brew bags to enjoy at home, work or just to keep in your purse as the ultimate great-tasting and energy fuelled accessory. Our beautiful coffee, served wherever, whenever and however you like it. With Love. Simple. Oh yeah and before you get all excited about this stonkingly good deal and look to find a discount code, STOP. And sadly this is a one per customer purchase (Yeah OK. We can't tell if you've got multiple email addresses, but hey, we believe in karma. End of small print).