Wholebean Craft Coffee • Gift Box

Wholebean Craft Coffee • Gift Box

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This collection of our best wholebean coffee is too good to give away, so our advice is to treat that special person in your life...YOU!

3 x 227g bags of our Jerry Can Coffee + 7 coffee Brew bags (for caffeine on the go!).

From our farm in Kenya: Jerry Can is our flagship coffee named in honour of the Ruiga School children who used to carry jerry cans of water along the busy road to the school. Paddy & Scott's funded a 6.5km fresh-water pipeline so the children can put down the jerry cans and get back into the classroom.

Your purchase of this coffee supports our continued work in the coffee-growing community in Meru, Kenya. We think this is the finest coffee you’ll ever drink. For the people of Meru it’s life-changing.

How we source Jerry Can...


We're also throwing in 7 of our coffee brew bags to make sure this coffee delivery covers all of those caffeine needs.